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We are a multispecialty group serving the Statesville and Troutman areas of North Carolina and surrounding communities. Our internal medicine physicians provide primary care for adolescents and adults. Our specialty care services include rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and foot and ankle surgery.

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senior citizens deciding on a healthy meal

Are You A Candidate For Allergy Shots?

Spring’s arrival next week brings misery for the millions of allergy sufferers. With the blooming trees and flowers comes pollen, which means congestion, sneezing and watering, itchy eyes for many. If over-the-counter medicines aren’t helping…
healthy foods on a table

Healthy Snacking Makes for a Healthy Heart

February is recognized as both National Heart Health Month and National Snack Food Month. It’s a great time to talk about healthy snacking that is an important part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Snacking isn't bad for you. Everyone gets…
senior citizens deciding on a healthy meal

Seniors Should Pay Close Attention to Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits

According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging, one in four older Americans has poor nutrition. Malnutrition weakens muscles and bones, leaves you susceptible to disease and can put you at risk for becoming…